Willemsbuiten phase 3

The Tilburg's new district of Willemsbuiten, part of the development called Stappegoor, consists of 6 neighbourhoods with each between 60 and 100 houses, with a total of 480 houses. In the centre of each neighbourhood is a village green, with plenty of room to play and possibilities for neighbourhood parties. The district is designed with lots of greenery.

Every neighbourhood has its own theme, and for phase 3, Kokon has designed terraced houses, semi-detached houses and villas in the style of Dutch 1930s architecture, with white painted brickwork. This style is characterised by side gabled roofs with occasional front gables and with overhanging eaves, horizontal concrete bands and partly recessed brickwork and soldier courses.

Eaves gutters are white, and all other woodwork is dark grey, windows are mullioned. Futhermore, houses are designed with bay windows with overhanging eaves, while the semi-detached houses have pronounced stairwells in an avant-corps and the villas have a front gable.

Location Tilburg
Mark van Stijn senior project architect / BREAAM-expert
Roy Gorissen architect