Livable enters Sino-Dutch coorporation


Last Wednesday, Livable signed a Memorandum of Understanding with its Chinese partners, in the presence of Nico Schiettekatte, Counselor for Health, Welfare and Sport at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China. This bilateral cooperation enhances Livable's international focus and strengthens its mission to create an inclusive world.

Schiettekatte explains: "By 2035, China is expected to have some 400 million elderly people, representing 30% of the total population. Within that group, 50 million elderly people will be experiencing dementia. China, therefore, like us in the Netherlands, faces a major societal challenge. That is why last year I translated our National Dementia Strategy 2021-2030 into Chinese. That greatly facilitates knowledge exchange on how to manage living with dementia. We both want elderly people, including those with dementia, to be included in our society. And both in the Netherlands and in China we are looking for suitable tailored support for our elderly, especially for our elderly with dementia. New concepts and designs of elderly-friendly housing play a crucial role in this. The cooperation between Livable and Lan Senior Care responds very well to this housing need. I am therefore convinced that this cooperation will serve a mutual interest and I look forward to the next steps."

Participating in the signing ceremony were Yi Lan Kanghua (Beijing) Senior Care Services Co., Ltd., and Beijing Peng Yi Times Human Resources Development Co., Ltd., from China under the facilitation of Thomas Chengé„­. Xua Lan, CEO of Yilan Kanghua, gave an impressive presentation on China's ageing process and associated challenges.

Present from Livable in the Netherlands were Henk Middelkoop, Jan Booij, Frans Hoogeveen, Willem van Prooijen and Rosanne Kuijvenhoven. Henk, partner at Kokon, provided insight into the Dutch approach to ageing and care real estate and Frans, dementia psychologist, highlighted the way design-oriented care programmes can improve the quality of life of the elderly.

After a festive ceremony, we look forward to a prosperous collaboration in which we support people with disabilities to live to their full ability.

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