Ron in special issue of Aria Magazine


The first phase of Aria-South started at the beginning of this month, and in honour of this, this one-off magazine discusses the green plans for the new district. Ron van Leeuwen: "With Aria-South, we have designed a green district, with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and a typical Zeeland look."

Aria-North in Goes has now almost been completed, people enjoy living there, and the development of Aria-South is in the starting blocks. This next phase forms a single entity with Aria-North. This is expressed, among other things, in a continuity of atmosphere, appearance, materials, street profiles and grain size. The plan is characterised by a linking of public spaces, connected by a slow traffic route.

Meeting and interaction between residents is stimulated in a public area that is tailored as much as possible to pedestrians. Green plays an important, sometimes underestimated role in creating a pleasant and healthy living environment. Careful landscaping helps to create pleasant places to stay, encourages biodiversity and contributes directly to the happiness and health of residents. Learn more here.