Designing a villa is a dream assignment for any architect. Always an intensive and rich process. Lots of contact with the clients. Lots of things to think about. And always a great result.

Villas are a Kokon specialty. With a team that perfectly understands how to get from a design to a beautiful home. That requires a lot of attention. And that is why we only fit well in a process where the construction costs go to a 1 with 6 digits. Such an investment is worth every bit of good guidance.

In terms of style, we follow the wishes of the client. We explore these at the front of the process via a sketch design. When the first lines are received enthusiastically, we match and we can commit to the project.

Upgrading existing villas and repairing monuments is a profession in itself. We love to do it. We are also good at it. Give us the opportunity to make a sketch design to turn your dreams into reality.