Outdated buildings can be revived by careful and wise transformation, upgrading and modernisation.

Kokon has, for instance, tranformed four large apartment blocks in Zwijndrecht. The addition of 140 new apartments in two towers in between and on top of the existing buildings, provided the opportunity to create a new 'sports & leasure' center and care center. At first only to cater to the needs of the target group, but the center now provides facilities for the whole neighbourhood, including surrounding districts. At different time slots, elderly residents, as well as children make use of the new swimming pool facilities.

Existing homes were upgraded and expanded with larger balconies and terraces, along with new facades. The whole transformation was completed while all homes were inhabited. The architecture is dominated by a variety of shapes, types of apartments, materials, colour and details. An increase in scale, nevertheless introducing the human scale.

The project was nominated for both the national renovation prize and the national care prize.