Outdated buildings can be given a new lease of life through careful and sensible transformation, modernisation and upgrading.

For example, Kokon transformed four blocks of flats in Zwijndrecht. The transformation took place in an inhabited state. The addition of 140 new dwellings in two towers and on top of the existing buildings created the opportunity to realise an extensive 'sports & leisure' and care centre. Initially aimed at the target group, it now functions as a centre for the entire area, including the surrounding neighbourhoods. For example, one hour the elderly swim, the next the children.

The existing dwellings have been upgraded with, among other things, larger balconies and beautification of the facades. The architecture is determined by the large degree of variation in form, housing types, material, colour and detail. Despite the increase in scale, a more human scale has been created.

The design has been nominated for the National Renovation Prize and the National Care Prize, among others.