Healthcare construction

Kokon has a great deal of experience in healthcare construction for the long-term care sector. For example, we are architects of the transformation of the Gemiva institution site Swetterhage for which we designed the urban plan as well as the new housing and activity centers. In addition, Kokon is currently working on the Havenveste apartment complex with care apartments and all kinds of additional facilities. Our ambition is to design a dignified home for everyone that is as adapted and yet as ordinary as possible.

The reforms in the care sector, which the cabinet will be implementing in the coming years, offer opportunities for the construction sector. Demand has changed significantly and the architect must respond to this. It is expected that in the coming years there will be a greater need for single-storey homes with care facilities close by.

Older people and people with disabilities will also have more say in the future supply and this will create a diversity of possibilities. Partly because of this, the role of the architect will become increasingly important in the coming years. At the beginning of the design phase, the wishes of the end user must be taken into account and responded to. Kokon believes in these forms of participation and has extensive experience in organizing participation processes.